• beverly minyard July 1, 2021

    It’s such a good point that prolonging going to the doctor can make your injury more complicated! My dad broke his ankle about 8 years ago but he thought it was just a sprain and didn’t go in even though it continued to bother him. He still has problems with it to this day and can’t do things that he would be able to if he would have just gone to the doctor in the first place.

    • admin July 6, 2021

      That is so true. We are sorry that it happened to a close family of yours. If you live nearby our clinic, please do stop by with your father so that our doctor can check out his foot.

  • Shammy Peterson July 9, 2021

    You made a good point when you said that you must look for a suitable specialist or expert based on your case. As you said, people suffering from foot conditions due to other reasons like diabetes would have a different approach. My sister has been complaining about toenail pains due to the presence of fungus. This must be due to her trying to clean her nails without sanitizing everything, first. I will ask her to see a professional for the best treatment for her.

  • Charlotte Fleet July 22, 2021

    My brother-in-law has been having foot issues recently and he wants to find a reliable foot doctor that he can visit. I agree with you that it would be important to find a podiatrist that has years of experience in this field and is an expert. I’ll make sure that my brother-in-law looks into the background experience of any podiatrist he considers before he selects them.

  • Shammy Peterson July 29, 2021

    I loved that you said that you could consider seeking references to a foot and ankle doctor from a trusted source. As you said, you may approach your general physician. My husband is planning to see a podiatrist due to right foot pains due to a bunion. He said that he could no longer work and stand longer than 5 minutes anymore due to the pain. Thanks for sharing this.

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