• Eli Richardson September 30, 2021

    I’m glad you talked about nail fungus and how you must treat it before it’s too late! Recently, my cousin said he hurt his toe while he was playing soccer. My cousin thought it was nothing, but now, he’s worried about developing nail fungus, so I’ll be sure to share your article with him! Thanks for the advice on toe fungus treatment and its importance.

    • admin October 12, 2021

      We are glad the article was informative to you. Thanks for sharing!

  • […] the toenails clean from polish allows them to breathe for healthy growth. Book an appointment on how to treat dehydrated toenails and how to treat the white spots on nails from […]

  • […] Ingrown toenail fungus is also known as onychomycosis, a combination of dermatophytes, saprophytic mold, and yeast infections. It is a common infection and people increasingly seek Houston Fungus Toenails Treatment. The T.Rubrum organism has become dominant in the united states. Half of the abnormal toenails are mycotic. Studies have shown some risk factors are tinea pedis, aging, diabetes, living with people affected with toenail fungus, immunodeficiency, and psoriasis. The fungus can be found in hotel carpets, pool decks, and public showers. After coming to contact with the fungus you might proceed to wear shoes. The shoes provide a good environment for the fungus to thrive because they are dark, moist, and warm. As the fungus thrives it pressurizes the nail to break the hyponychial seal allowing the fungus to penetrate the nail bed. If there is continued exposure to a wet environment the fungus continues to thrive. In the foot, the dermatophytes or fungus produce keratinases that start infecting the lesser toes and spread gradually extending to other nail units. Once the nail is breached the fungus infects the nail bed if not stopped in time. […]

  • […] Toenail fungus, medically known as onychomycosis, presents a persistent challenge for many individuals, impacting both aesthetic appearance and physical comfort. Among the array of treatment options available, laser nail fungus treatment has emerged as a promising solution. In this article, we delve into the advantages and disadvantages of toenail fungus treatment, with a particular focus on the innovative approach of laser therapy. […]

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